15 December 2019

New horrizons of the Green Economy, a new way of doing business

The world population growth has created a strong growth in demand for raw materials, which over the years has led to the search for a new economic model, based on a more sustainable and rational management of natural resources. Every day we consume resources and produce waste as if we had a planet and a half to draw from.

The cost of this growing ecological imbalance is making itself increasingly felt on our planet, in the form of drought, deforestation, accumulations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, etc...

The #CircularEconomy is the new marrow that makes it possible to move from a simple model with reduced environmental impact to a more attractive alternative economic model, based not only on the creation of economic value, but also environmental and social value.

Today's economy is based on the linear approach, "take, make, use, dispose". We speak of "linear" because once the consumption ends the cycle of the product which becomes waste.

The term "circular" indicates this continuous flow that provides a system based on "take, make, use, return". The #CircularEconomy is a new way of conceiving the enterprise based on the reuse of materials in subsequent production cycles, reducing waste to a minimum.

In Italy, the scarcity of forest raw materials that can be used for the production of paper has led the Italian paper industry to develop a production based on the use of waste paper.

Recycled paper represents the first source of fibre for Italian paper products.
To date in Italy, recycling in paper packaging, for example, now reaches the 80%, not far from the 85% target of the new European directive we are about to transpose. The circularity rate in Italy exceeds the European average: the European rate is 11.4% and in our country it is at 17.8%. Every minute 10 tons of paper are recycled.